List of sites

Find the list of activities with La Rochelle Ocean Pass. The La Rochelle city pass allows you to do the must-do activities while saving money during your holidays. Enjoy La Rochelle!

Towers of La Rochelle

La Rochelle

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the towers are the remains of a large program of fortifications built from the 12th century by the City of La Rochelle.

St. Martin's Church


A church with incredible architecture and a panoramic view of the sea and the surrounding area.

Embarcadère Cardinaud


Traditional boat trips all year round!

Museum of Natural History

La Rochelle

The Museum offers a fabulous journey to the heart of the naturalist and ethnographic collections brought back from all over the world by great travellers, collectors and illustrious donors.

Visite guidée de Brouage


Venez découvrir les secrets de la cité fortifiée de Brouage !

Fort Liédot


Fort Liédot, located on the north-east side of the island of Aix, is a citadel half-buried in the ground and hidden by the trees. Visit, workshop, exhibition and animation from April to September.