Visit the vicinity of La Rochelle without a car

Les Estivales to get around from April to October 2023

What is Les Estivales ?

Les Estivales ("Transports of New Aquitaine") are regional bus routes that serve tourist sites in New Aquitaine during the summer season from April to October 2023.

  • Each bus stop is located at a maximum of 1.5km or 15 minutes walk from the site to be visited or the activity to be enjoyed
  • The bus routes have a schedule that is adapted for a round trip during the day

With Les Estivales, discover the local tourist attractions without breaking the bank: :

  • Return ticket: 4.10€ (valid all day)
  • 10-trip booklet for the general public: 9.20€ for under eighteen year olds & 18.40€ for the general public
  • Free for children under 4 years old

Use Les Estivales to travel to the locations included in the La Rochelle Ocean Pass and at a discount

Please note that "Les Estivales" transport is not included in the La Rochelle Ocean Pass.

Sites included outside the La Rochelle conurbation:

Cardinaud jetty (53 avenue de la Repentie 79460 Magné)
- Lines 12-13-15-16-17-18 to Niort then take Tanlib transport (free) with line 22

Hèbre Museum (63 avenue Charles de Gaulle 17300 Rochefort)
- Lines 6/6E-7-11-13

Transporter Bridge (Avenue Jacques Demy 17300 Rochefort)
- Lines 6/6E-7-11-13 then take the city bus

Fort Liédot (Le bois 17123 Ile d'Aix)
- Line 5

Fort Louvois (Port du Chapus 17560 Bourcefranc-le-Chapus)
- Lines 6/6E-7-8 + 20 minutes by bike

Brouage (1 rue du Port Brouage 17320 Marennes-Hiers-Brouage)
- Lines 6/6E-7-8 + 20 minutes by bike

Maison du Maître des Digues (7 rue de la Coupe du Rocher 85450 Chaillé-les-Marais)
- Not possible

Maison de la Meunerie (16 rue du Moulin 85240 Rives-d'Autise)
- Not possible

Tour Mélusine (Place du Bail 85120 Vouvant)
- Not possible


Sites with reductions outside the La Rochelle conurbation :

Cité de l'huitre (Rue des Martyrs 17320 La Cayenne)
- Line 6/6E-7-8

Château de Terre Neuve (Chateau de Terre Neuve 85200 Fontenay-le-Comte)
- Not possible

Château de La Roche Courbon (Rue de la belle du bois Dormant 17250 Saint-Porchaire)
- Not possible


Where can you buy or recharge your ticket ?

  • From the driver - On board the buses

Purchase from the driver: single tickets, single solidarity tickets, and return tickets. Reloading on Modalis card: weekly, monthly (CAR and PASS CAR+BUS) and 10-trip card

  • In sales outlets (list of sales outlets in the department can be found on the website)

Reloading of weekly, monthly and 10-trip passes on Modalis cards. Purchase of 10-trip cards for the general public

  • In agency :

- "Maison de la Mobilité"(La Rochelle-Place de Verdun)

- Commercial Agency (Rochefort-Place Françoise Dorléac-Gare SNCF)

  • On the application "Ticket Modalis"

Purchase of all tickets, except for annual season tickets, specific Ré tickets and group fares on  Google Play or App store


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